IVaucher Programme

"IVaucher: the VAT that goes back and forth

The IVaucher program has already started, a system of incentives promoted by the Portuguese Government, which allows you to accumulate from June 1st to August 31st the value of VAT paid in the sectors of accommodation, culture and catering, to use it later as a form of benefit in these sectors.

AMTC is a member entity, where you can accumulate 100% of VAT on all purchases made until 31 August in our shop. Simply ask for an invoice with your VAT number and you will be able to discount the accumulated value, between October and December 2021, on purchases you make at any participating establishment.

For this, until 31 August, you just need to ask for an invoice with your NIF and you will accumulate the VAT for future purchases. The accumulated value can be used as a discount, between October and December 2021, in any of the three sectors covered.

You can check the provisional balance accumulated on invoices through the e-invoice portal, option "IVAUCHER".
The IVAucher programme has 3 distinct phases:

  • Accumulation phase: between 1 June and 31 August, you can accumulate the VAT paid on purchases made in the catering, accommodation and culture sectors.
  • Clearance phase: during the month of September, the amount of the accumulated benefit is subject to validation.
  • Use phase: between 1 October and 31 December, you can use the accumulated discount.

In the utilisation phase, a registration and association of personal data will be required so that your balance can be used. When it becomes operational, this registration will be done through the following channels:

  • At IVAucher.pt.
  • In the IVAucher App (available in September).
  • In the Saltpay Customer network, such as tobacconists or other points of sale, provided that they are identified with the label "Point of Accession - IVAUCHER".

When using the balance, it will always be necessary to make the purchase with the payment card associated with the account previously created. For each purchase, the amount used may not exceed 50% of the payment amount. If a purchase has a total value of €10, up to €5 will be deducted from the accumulated balance.

You can accumulate balance and discount it without any limit, as long as the value of 50% of the amount is not exceeded in each payment.